2018 Sponsors

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Sponsorship Levels

Each of my sponsors offer great service and products.  I use their product because of the high quality of their services.

Speedin’ Motorsports– SITE
Brian has been helping me with my race effort since we met.  He’s quick to help with what ever I need, does the research so that he can get me exactly what I need even if I don’t know just what it is that I need.  The knowledge and depth are unequaled here in NM.

Leatt  — SITE
I’ve gotten to use the body protector along with the knee protectors.  I was shocked that the last hard fall I had didn’t hurt and that I didn’t have any bruises the next day.  I use the neck brace when riding my dirt bike, works really well with the armor.  Awesome stuff!!!

 Amsoil —
Brian the dealer supplying me with my oil.  I’ve had an easier time finding neutral with the Daytona since I started to use this oil.

GoPro — SITE
I’m now on my 4th GoPro, not because they’ve broken, but because they just keep getting better.

 Virus — SITE
Great looking gear.  I’ve now gotten to try them out a few times, the fit is good and they are really much cooler than some of the other brands I’ve been using.  I have to admit they are now my favorite item to wear under my leathers.

Forcefield  Body Armour –SITE
I’ve been using the back protector for a few years now.  I love how it molds to my body and doesn’t get in the way.

I’ve been using their boots from the start, I’ve never had any other boots fit me as well or offer as much protection.  I’m convinced that their boots are the reason I’ve never had to have my feet and ankles repaired like I’ve had my hands fixed.


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