Pictures & Videos

Here’s my link to the video I made for why I would like to be Law Tigers’ Female Influencer!   Also can be found on my youtube site.

All of my posted Videos can be found on my YouTube Channel.  I know those are all still there.

I have a folder on G+ with MANY photos from the past two years.

The Fleet:    Dec 5 2015 – No change to the bikes as of Jan 2018

The current fleet.

The current fleet.


A great video from Loveland Media, they have been making videos and taking photos for SMRI all season.
Race #2 Video

Video From the Am Thunderbike Race April 2012

On Any Sunday:  Video done by one of our past racers, currently he helps out the SMRI by announcing at the races.  You can see a number of us in the video.  You can see my back while I’m icing up one of the guys who crashed that day and broke his collar bone.

Moab May 2015



Team Speedin’ Motorsports 2012


Pit at Sandia 2013


Starting Grid at Miller Oct 2011

Miller Motorsports Park May 2013
There are pictures from the Miller May 2013 round on the site.  BWhip takes the best photos.  Even if you aren’t a racer you’ll love his work.  He makes me look like I’m fast.

Miller250 practice 250millerrace cropped-MoM_13_2_0647.jpg

Sandia Oct 2012

Oct2012 octsandia oct2012b oct2012c octsandia1 octsandia4

HPR Aug 2012

HPR2 8-2012

HPR 8-2012


Practicing on the ‘B’ bike at Miller Oct 2011


Miller on the ‘A’ bike May  2011


Sandia on the A bike



My new truck.. I just couldn’t stand the idea of that Dodge stranding me again.     Thanks to Brian at Speedin’ Motorsports the trailer is looking great!!  No more ugly stickers, that are half peeled off.



Yamaha Champions Riding School May 2011