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About Me:

I started riding 12 years ago, I’m what could be called a late bloomer…. It’s not too common to have women start riding in their late 30s.  It was something I had wanted to try for years, but there was too many obstacles until then.   Even though I started later in life, I jumped into the deep end and haven’t looked back.  Learning to ride has been one of the best things I’ve done in my life.  I have a love of all motorcycles, it doesn’t matter what brand or the type of riding someone does, just so long as they ride! I would love to see more women engaging in the sport.  For me it was a confidence booster, and it has enabled me to meet some of the most amazing people over the past years.
I’ve gotten to attend a number of Rallies across the country and in Canada.  It has allowed me to meet a huge number of riders and introduced me to some great riding in areas I might not have gone to otherwise.  I try to support organizations like the AMA, NMOHVA, and RMAR these are groups that give back to help keep us able to ride.
It was an easy decision for me become a RiderCoach for the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) for the state of New Mexico in 2007. It was how I learned to ride.   I try to coach between 7-12 classes per year, the number of the classes really depends mostly on weather and if the classes fill.  I also coached for Rider’s Edge for a number of years.
I also work with the Sandia Motorcycle Roadracing Inc. (SMRI) as a track day instructor I was their New Rider Director for a few years.  I’m work with them still to offer Sunset Safety Clinics to give riders another opportunity for bettering their riding after the BRC that MSF offers.  Every track day I work with large groups of riders. (There isn’t as many women riders as I would like but I’m slowly working and helping more come out and try it.)   I also have helped instruct for a number of other track day organizations.  I also volunteer my time to instruct a number of Women only track days.
I’ve assisted Nick Inetasch with his Sunset Clinic in CO, and worked as a guest instructor for the Yamaha Champions Riding School (YCRS).  In 2014 I became a YCRS certified instructor, I’ve worked a great deal with all of their instructors, participated in the schools as a student and instructor.
In 2017 I started to work as an instructor for West 38 Moto, they are an off road school with a focus on riding the large adventure bikes.  Also with W38M, I will be working with them doing tours. Like the Backcountry Discovery Routes (BDRs) in NM, CO, and Baja.
I’ve assisted other riders with achieving their goals; this past Oct I worked as pit support for two local racer who went to Baja to do the Baja Rally.  I met a number of competitors from different countries.
It is very satisfying to influence new riders and see those riders’ months later, still riding.  I still love to hear stories of how the help I gave them has positively affected a rider when I get to see them again.  I have always enjoyed mentoring others and spreading the passion.  So it has taken me to the path of being an instructor for a few organizations.   I believe in training, the more the better.  Going to as many different schools as I can has lead me to great opportunities’ to pass the knowledge on to others.   Just about every organization I’ve taught for believes that having women instructors helps bring more women to the sport.  I tend to agree, I have brought a number of women to the track and to dirt riding who didn’t believe they could do it until after I worked with them.
I can provide your company with excellent advertising opportunities, while on the track or off. Just a few of the things I can do for my sponsors. (I am also always open for ideas on how to better serve my sponsors.):
*Proudly display your company’s name and logo on my bike, truck, and trailer.
*Display banners with sponsors names and logos in the pits at the races.
*Distribution of product samples or information.
*Association with new riders, professional riders and motorcycle safety professionals.
*Provide a link to your site on the websites.
*Each time I am on the grid for a race my name and sponsors are announced.
*Sponsors are listed in the clubs program with the racers names.
*Send updates, newsletters and/or signed photos of us racing displaying your company’s logo.
*Post on my Social Media photos and short videos, of my activities.
*Act in a professional and businesslike manner that is respectable to the sponsor at all times.
*Promote sponsor’s name, mission statement, website, etc at every conversational opportunity.
I would love the opportunity to help promote a company such as yours that give back to the community.  Thank you for considering my application.
Media sites:
Personal Website:
Facebook:  @Diomederacing
& @ZiaThunder
Twitter: @ZiaThunder
Instagram: @ZiaThunder

New Racer School

First new racer school of the season was over the weekend.  Looks like we have 9 new novices right out of the gate.  I’m hoping we get at least that many more for the next school.  It’s good to see so many new novices.  We’ve got a number of racers returning this year that we haven’t seen at the track for a number of years.  It should make for some great races this year.


BMW Track Day with SMRI

This rescheduled day was so much better then the original date!  There was at least 70 bikes at the track.  I had a number of students in the street school, I also ran a new racer school for one guy who was only able to make it on Sundays to the track.  In all I’ve worked with 20 students for the new racer program.  Even if there are only a couple each time, it’s been really rewarding.  There was a few during this track day that I just about had convinced to do the race school.  As with everyone it comes down to time and money, I’m hoping that they are still going to show up next season.


SMRI June Track day

Finally some nice warm weather for our time at the track!!!  It was much easier to run the school this time, I’m sure it had something to do with only having one student and no rain delays.  I even had two students for the Sunset clinics, that got rained out.  Neither of them wanted to be out in the rain trying new things for the first time.  I can’t blame them, I wasn’t over the moon about them doing it either.  I don’t like that surface when it’s wet.

I did manage to get in some needed hot laps for the new configuration.  I wasn’t close to my best time but at least I wasn’t running super slow this time.

I did do another race school, this time I had 3 but only 1 showed.  It’s frustrating to have that happen.  It gave me time to help him, work on drills with him and still have time for my riding.  In all I kind of liked it.

I did finally get my new leathers the Thursday before.  I was pretty bummed when I pulled them from the box.  They looked huge, and when I put them on…. they were huge.  They are about 6 inches too big in waist and 3 in the legs and the legs are too long so the armour isn’t in the right spots for my knees.  I call they asked for pictures of how they fit.  I just hope they step up and fix them.  Otherwise I’m going to have to find someone else to modify them to fit.  I really hate the idea of having to modify custom leathers.

Usual website issues

End of Dec start of Jan is a quiet time and I often forget to update the website…. Which I did again this Jan.  My bad.  But, it’s back up and things for the up coming season are being worked out.

If you’d checked the site back in Jan, you’d be wondering when all these post showed up.  I do some times write them out of order.  I do also post them with a date earlier then they are really posted, why? To avoid all the spammers that try to get comments and links on here.


MRA Round #2 – 4 hour Endurance Race Weekend

Sadly, last year I only made it up to CO for one wknd and that was the one wknd the bike died on me.  Go figure….    So that means I hadn’t been up to run any races really since the 4hr race in 2011.  Or as I’ll always remember it … My weekend of epic insanity,   see the Aug 2011 archives for why it’s named that.

Looking back at the past month, and more, I’m not sure that I really learned my lesson about trying to do too much. So starting with May 18th my schedule has been, a lil’ on the crazy side.   May18-19 track day and race day.  May 20-21 work 10hr shifts at work, May 22 drive to Salt Lake City, with a 3 hrs stopover in Farmingtion to change gearing on race bikes, May 23 work on race bikes all day so they’re fit to race for the wknd, pick up my bestie from airport,  May 24 go to track to practice for wknd of racing, May 25-26 Go Racing!!!.  May 27th sleep in, breakfast, start trip home, May 28th finish trip home with a stop again in Farmington.  May 29 try to go dirt biking, but left the key for one bike at home.  May 30-31 Work 11 hr shifts.  June 1 take best friend dirt biking, June 2 track day at Napa, June 3 12 hr work day writing performance evals.  June 4-5 work long days to make up for being on vacation. June 6 get new tires for the trailer since I had a flat on the trailer on the 5th Also on June 6th, after work drive to Denver.  June 7 more track time at HPR. June 8-9 racing, June 10-14 work, June 15-16 coach MSF.  June 17-21 work.  Finally!! June 22 I have a day of rest.. sort of okay, not really.   I have to re-gear and clean up the race bikes for the June races the next day.  They both need oil changes and a bath too.   I feel better now about not having gotten the updates on the site faster…. that’s a lot of stuff to be doing, and that is just the big stuff, not counting all the little things you have to do day to day.. like cleaning, laundry, shopping, brew Tuesdays, time with friends, packing, unpacking, truck maintenance, let alone cooking,  eating, showering,  and sleeping……   I need a house husband. LOL.

Which all brings me MRA races June 8 and 9.   I had a ball riding the 250 for the track day on Friday.  I would have liked to spend more time on the Daytona too, but Brian still had it trying to figure out the brake drag issue.  I decided to ride the 4 hour endurance race Saturday solo.. I made it only 2.5 hours.  But, I thought that was alright.  I could have gone much longer, but I was concerned about being too tired to race well on Sunday and I had signed  up for 3 races.  I should have continued looking back at it and not done two of those races on Sunday.

I had to do the LOR, since it’s one of the main reasons I go up there to race.  I love that race, it was one of my best and worst of the wknd too.  I got a horrible start, you know it’s bad when a couple of 250s beats a 675 to the first turn.  Then in that turn there is a waving yellow flag, so I can’t pass the 250s until we get on the back straight.  By that time, I’m so far back that I figure I’m going to have to settle for 3rd to last.  But, I want to see how many I can catch.  I managed in 4 laps to chase down 4th place and pass her.  Then we get a red flag.. I was so bummed.  The best part was the chasing down of 6 bikes and making the passes with ease.  Normally, I over think the passes and fail to get them done in a timely fashion, but  not this time.  I got them done straight away, as I caught up to the person.  The same thing happened in the 250 race after that.  I was super happy about it and even if I didn’t finish great, consider the weekend to be one of the best I’ve had.



It’s Miller time!

I just love going to Miller.  It’s the highlight of my season, who wouldn’t love having a garage, power, air, a TV, and a world class track to ride.

I brought 3 bikes out with me, the 675, the 2fiddy, and the new pit bike (TTR225).  This is probably the only time I’ll need a pit bike, and it was worth having it there.  Even if I couldn’t get it out of the truck until I bled the brakes… I guess it was rebelling against having fresh brake fluid.


I spent Friday am, trying to get my act together.  It was the first time that I had company on the Friday before the races.  Usually, I’m alone and just sending Mikey txts, about what was going on.  It was really nice to have him there this time.  Even if he’s kinda grumpy in the morning.  I thought I was bad…  The other bonus for the trip was having one of my best friend fly in from Alaska to spend a couple of weeks with me.  She decided to take some time from her husband and kid to come down and get some sun.

It was the first time I’ve done an Apex Track day.  They kept things moving, but they really need to work on how the treat their customers…. I don’t like it when people are snotty and rude, when I haven’t done anything to deserve it.  I’m hoping I won’t have to deal with them again.  If it hadn’t been for Brian C., the day would have been a waste for me.  Imagine riding a 250 in the fast group or the 675 in the beginner group… on the perimeter track with the closing speeds between those bikes and the other riders in those groups,  I can’t believe those were the options they presented me with.  Talk about unsafe, just because they didn’t want me to ride two bikes.   I can see for the routine track day rider, but for a visiting racer who wanted practice time.  It was just dumb, so on to much better things.

Racing!!!  I have to admit that is hard to go back and forth between those two bikes.  What is surprising is that it’s the 250 that struggle with the most.  I get off the 675 to ride the 250 and I can’t stop myself from using the same break markers I have for the 675.   I don’t need the brakes, not much anyway, on the 250, but I keep using them and killing my corner speed.  I get back on the Daytona and I finally end up trail braking to the apexes, like I should.  It’s really odd.

All of my races I picked so that I could race with one of my favorites there in UT,  I wasn’t there to win, but to play.  Might not sound like the right thing, but for me, it works at making me go faster and I get to have some epic battles with my friends.  With the exception of the Women’s GTO… that one I just flat wanted to win and I did, the highlight of that on was that I was 3rd overall for that combined race as well, it was the least exciting race of the wknd since I was all alone after the first lap.



The best race of the wknd was combined U since I got to chase down Tim G.   He and I went back and forth for the whole race, we must have swapped positions 8 times.  He finally got around me and put some distance between us on the last lap… but he did it under a waving yellow.  I slowed down for it, but he didn’t.  Bad Tim… very bad…

Then next fun race was the 250 Production Cup, what a blast.  I stalked and chased down a couple of others on 250s, but made my best passes of the wknd to get around Dale on the last lap in the 3rd to last corner…. he didn’t stand a chance.  hehe.. what fun.

250 practice


SMRI Race # 1 part 2

Finally SMRI got to kick off it’s first race of the season…  after being thwarted by foul weather in April.

So again this year we started off with the new configuration.  It’s not my favorite track layout, I’m not sure that I’ll ever get comfortable with those two bumpy sections.  So needless to say, my finishes for my races didn’t make me very happy.

The highlight of my weekend was riding the 250.  It’s just an absolute giggle to ride.  I rode it for two of my 4 races, since the other women told me that they didn’t want me to run away from them and lap them, I rode the 250.  I thought that way Franny might even beat me, but she doesn’t seem to like that configuration either.

The 2fiddy race was a blast, I had a great time fighting off “Iron Man” Loren.  He’s been telling me for years that I needed to ride a small bike so I would actually learn how to race for the past couple of years.  So to be able to beat him on a 250 made me very happy.  See Loren I can still go fast without all that horsepower of my 675.