Season is just about here!!!

Okay, who am I kidding…   It’s always riding season.

In the winter, there are dirt bike rides.  I’ve managed just about every Monday since the first of the year.  I’ve been using it to get myself ready for BAJA!  Yeah, I’m just a tad excited about riding in Baja.  I just have to make it through the next few weeks.

First I have to get organized with the luggage.   I decided to sell my Mosko Reckless 80, this would allow me to pick up the Mosko Scout Panniers.  The Reckless is a fantastic system, but I bought it thinking it would work on my husky as well as the Tiger.  It’s just too big for the 250, so I need a different approach for that bike.   The Scout panniers would be just perfect for the tiger and allow me a bit more flexibility than I have the Reckless on the tiger.    The new bags should be here soon.  Not much time to figure out the best way to pack them, but I’ll have time on the road to sort it out.

I feel like I’ve been hemorrhaging cash the past couple of weeks.  Which feels worse when I factor in the things, I’ve had to do around the house.   There were just a number of things that needed to be changed, replaced, or had to have routine maintenance done, which wasn’t cheap.  Like the services due for the Tiger and the Tundra. The yearly checkup for the race bike, needed to be done.  It’ll be heading over to Speedin Motorsport for that in the next few days.    I’ve also worn out things on the Husky, which had to be replaced.  Along with my needing to get some new gear to replace the stuff I’ve worn out or torn up.

MX boots are outrageously priced!   But the new ones, really are pretty, not to mention pretty comfortable right off the start.  I’ve gotten to ride in them twice now.  The first day I had a number of mis-shifts, but on the second day I didn’t notice them at all.

I also have some gear I need to take for repairs.  Compared to buying some new protective gear.  Getting new zippers put into things rather cheap. Besides, I hate replacing things that are still function, with a minor fix.

I’ve been getting out on the dirt bike as much as I can to get ready for the Baja trip.  I felt like I should make sure I was a fit as I could be for it.  Since I’ll be helping other riders on the trip and doing some guiding.


Baja, here I come!!!

This will be my second time there, but my first time riding in Baja. I’m heading down with a tour that West38Moto is doing. It’s going to be a ride for big bikes, like my Tiger. I’ll be riding over to La Mesa, CA from Santa Fe, NM. I’m planning on two days to get there. In total I will be in Baja/Mexico for just over two weeks. I’m pretty excited about it. I just finished buying a new GPS so I can use this trip to figure out how to navigate off it. I’ll be needing it when I take a few friends out on the BDRs this summer.

It’ll be the first trip for me where I won’t be camping along the way. So I’ll have to figure out the packing for it. Should be easier, since I won’t need the cooking or camping gear. At least not for the Baja part. In Sonora I’ll have to camp, but they’ll be bringing that gear down for me.

I didn’t write up the sections in italics, I took Dusty’s (W38M) description of the trip. On the last day of the trip instead of heading up to Tecate with the group, I’ll be splitting off from them and riding over to San Luis Rio Colorado to begin the second half of the trip. Were I’ll working as pit crew for a couple of Sonora Rally racers.

The Route for the Baja Part: (Roughly)


Day 1 = Spring Valley California to Mike’s Sky Ranch

174 Miles

After a night of getting to know each other and preparing for the tour, we will set off as a group and head for the Tecate border. At the border crossing we will take turns as a group getting our tourist visas and exchanging money. A passport is highly suggested for traveling in to Mexico and getting back into the US. Once we finish with this process, we will make our way through Tecate and link up with the Old Compadre Trail. Wide open vistas and mountain dirt roads will lead us back to Hwy 3. We will stay on pavement and top off with gas on our way to the dirt road entering Mike’s Sky Ranch. Today will be a mix of pavement and dirt at about 50/50.

Day 2 = Mike’s to Alfonsina’s

188 Miles

We will depart Mike’s the same way we came in and head out on the pavement for Gonzaga Bay and Alfonsina’s. We will stop for lunch in San Felipe and find a restaurant on the Malecon (boardwalk by the water). After lunch we will head out on pavement to Alfonsina’s. This section will be a mix of improved and unimproved pavement. Watch out for the Vados! Along this section we get exposed to some of the most beautiful scenery on the gulf side! Alfonsina’s is located on the beach in Gonzaga Bay!

Day 3 = Alfonsina’s to Bay of LA

110 Miles

This day will not be as long for us as some of the others. Today we will make our way out of Alfonsina’s where our first stop will be the famous Coco’s Corner. Coco is a legend in Baja and his place is visited by thousands of traveler’s every year. After a coke or water at his place, we will make our way to the highway and head to the Bay of LA. When we arrive at the Bay of LA we will have a choice of stopping and relaxing for the day, or riding up to the Mission San Francisco de Borja. For those that would like to keep riding we can drop our luggage at the hotel and head out to the Mission. The mission is roughly 35 miles one way from the Bay of LA. Once we turn on our dirt road it’s through the mountains again arriving at the gorgeous and historical Mission. You won’t want to miss this!

Day 4 = Bay of LA to San Ignacio

207 Miles

This day will be mostly dirt as we wind our way out of the Bay of LA through the coastal gulf mountains and along the gulf coast. We will stop along the way in San Rafael to see old whale skeletons and have a cold drink. From there it is back on the dirt where we leave the coastal mountains and head into the desert. This ride is fantastic and the desert terrain has a harsh beauty that is better experienced than described. Once we hit the pavement we will make our way to the gorgeous and quaint town of San Ignacio.

Day 5 = Tourist day in San Ignacio

221 Miles

Today we will go on a bit of a different tour and add some Baja wildlife to the mix…how about Humpback Whales! If you have never been whale watching get ready for this! We will leave as a group from San Ignacio to the Pacific Ocean side of Baja and enjoy a day of whale watching, food/drinks and a life altering experience!

Day 6 = San Ignacio to Mission Santa Maria

342 Miles

Today will be our longest day but we will get to take it easy on the pavement. However, don’t let that fool you. This time of year the desert flowers are bursting and we will get to travel through some of the most beautiful inland mountain, desert and farm towns in all of Northern Baja! Get your cameras ready for some fantastic inland photos! The fun does not stop there…when we get to our hotel, Mission Santa Maria, we will have an opportunity to ride our motorcycles on the beach! If you have never done this it is fantastic! We will eat a gourmet meal at the hotel restaurant and enjoy cocktails in the bar after this long awesome day!

Day 7 = Mission Santa Maria to Coyote Cal’s

98 Miles

Today we will be rewarded with a shorter ride as we make our way to Coyote Cal’s. When we arrive we will have a choice again of relaxing or taking a ride along the coast. This area of Baja has some of the most beautiful scenery along the Pacific Coast! The terrain can be compared to the Pacific Coast Highway along the California coast between LA and San Francisco. This ride and scenery will not disappoint!

Day 8 = Coyote Cals to San Luis Rio Colorado

192 Miles

On our last day we will make our way out of Coyote Cal’s and say goodbye to the dirt roads…and head into Ensenada. After a good lunch there I will make my way over to San Luis Rio Colorado to start my second part of the trip.

Route Area for the Sonora Rally:

I didn’t get to go with them last year for this one, but I’m told it’ll be similar to the Baja Rally I did with them in Oct. last year. I’ll be driving the truck and trailer again. They are planning on just throwing my Tiger in the bed of one of the trucks one I get to San Luis. It’ll stay there likely until we get back to Santa Fe.

Dirt bike Teardown


The Husky has been getting a great deal of use riding single track over the past two years.   It’s been an awesome bike for me to learn how to ride dirt on.

Now, thanks to JP I’m having to learn how to tear it down and do the work on it.  I’ll say it’s been an education too.  There were a few things that I already knew how to take care of thanks to having to learn about care/feeding of the race bike.  The Husky is a different, yet similar beast.  For whatever reason I was resistant to working on it like I do the race bike.  I wasn’t the least bit worried about pulling the forks off the 675, but I felt ill doing to the dirt bike.

I mean look at it!  It’s sad looking…


Taking it out after it was all put back together was an eye opener… It handled so much better!  Just don’t tell JP.  I’ll never hear the end of it.

Welcome 2018!

So what’s the best way to kick off the new year?   More riding, of course!   This time it was single track on the dirt bike.   Which is a great workout, you’ve got cardio (from working too hard to stay up right) and you get weight lifting (from picking up the bike each time you fall over).

It had been months since I rode the dirt bike down in Abq, so when Scot asked if anyone wanted to go, I was all over it.

Once everyone was there and geared up we headed out.  I had forgotten how sandy and loose the ground could be out that way.  I still haven’t figured out how to ride that well.  I am not sure that I ever will get comfortable in sand.  But, it’s way easier to ride on the little bike than, it is on the Tiger.

In all we covered around 45 miles.  I have started to use a new app for tracking my dirt rides, in addition to the InReach I have been using it’s call Ecrumb from RoadID.   It’s a great tool to help keep you safe when out riding.  I have been doing some riding on my own lately and it give me a bit more piece of mind.

Good bye 2017

I can’t imagine a better way to end the year than going out for a ride.

I ended 2017 with a dual sport ride up to and around Penasco.  We started the morning by meeting up at the Tesuque Village Market.  It was a last minute ride with a few of the riders from the Tiger Troop and others from Abq.  It was a tad chilly in for the first half of the ride.  I was very happy that the Tiger has a heated seat and grips, as my electric vest wasn’t quite enough to keep me from getting chilled.


From there it was a nice lil ride up to Dixon, then onto some nice forest roads to Ojo Sarco, which took us to the section of the high road to Taos.


We stopped at Sugar Nymphs for brunch.  They have really good food, and the desserts are awesome.

After we’d eaten our fill, it was off to see if we could find some snow.

We did, along with a really nice water crossing.

I just wasn’t feeling this…I figured it was a little too risky to try and cross it and I wasn’t feeling like I wanted to risk getting wet and getting hypothermia.

So back we went to the high road, where we turned off to take the scenic route through Cundiyo.  Back down to Santa Fe, from there I decided to take a run through Waldo Canyon, which treated me to some great sunset pictures.




The long over due update.

Update: Sorry it’s going to be a long one…

It’s been ages, since I posted an update. Um, just over a year to be more accurate. So I figured that I needed to get my act together and get it done. It’s been a pretty busy year at that!

Some of these things I’ll break out and post up a picture page for, since there was a lot cool things to see.

So starting with July 2016:

I was still new rider director, so I was busy instructing at the track for all the SMRI events.

There was some dual sport riding with the Triumphs in Taos group. A great bunch of people, and a fun weekend of riding.

I also worked as an instructor for the All Girls day down at Arroyo Seco, in October. A really fun day working with some 40 women on bikes.

There was the Rubber Chicken Ride in Oct as well. I had an amazing time doing those rides, right up until I got cross rutted at about 40mph. I landed on my head. I ended up with headaches for about 7 months after that. Had to have an MRI, I did take a bit of time off from riding during the late fall/early winter.  But was still doing more than I should have been.

In Oct I took a dirt school with West38Moto, this ended up being a great thing for me. I got way more comfortable riding the Tiger off road. Also the riding I did with a local endro racer doing dual sport rides, and the instruction I received from him, helped me land an instructing gig with West38. I still have a great deal to learn, but you’ve gotta start somewhere!

I spent the winter doing a great deal of off road riding on the Husky and the Tiger, it helped me make some great progress with my dirt riding. I’ll even go so far as to say all that dirt riding has helped me with the track and street riding.

I did a long weekend trip down to Big Bend. Did some dirt riding with a group of guys from TX, that I met in the bar the first night there. Poor guys, they had no idea if I could ride or not, but they let me tag along with them.

There was the better part of a month spent helping get Jim and David ready for the Sonora rally. I really wished I could have gone with them, but it was a boys trip. ;-P
I had my long time BFF from Alaska come down for a visit. I forced her to get back on her dirt bike and go riding with me.

There was the Brewsday family trip to Moab for a week. I really got some great riding in there. I also ended up with a kidney infection… not so great, but at least it was at the end of the trip so I didn’t have to miss out on much.

After that was instructing for West38 for a VERY large group. It was an awesome time. That was followed up by a trip to Flagstaff for the Overland expo. It was there I was interviewed for an article on me by Women’s ADV. Second article in 6 months, the New Mexican did a story on Jaime and I about our trip to Alaska.

I did do a race in Deming in March, I wanted to see if I could still ride a race bike. It was slow in coming back to me, but I did finally during the last race manage to pull out some better lap times.

I’ve not done much racing compared to the past few years. I had decided to not chase any championships, since I was going to miss a couple of SMRI races during my trip to Alaska and Canada. I did end up doing couple when I got back. In addition to doing the race schools and the track day schools for the club.

After 10 years of racing I decided at the end of 2016 that I need to take a real break from the club. I stepped down from the New Rider Director position. I also decided to make it a relatively clean break too. I stopped going to must of the events, for no other reason than, I just needed to re-evaluate if it was something that I wanted to keep doing.

For 2017 I had been planning doing only 4 races during the 2017 season. One with each of the clubs. (SMRI, MRA, ASMA, and USBA) It didn’t quite work out that way, but I’m pretty pleased with how things have gone.

I ended up riding at 1 track day and did some instructing, I also did some races the next day.  Had great time, but wasn’t happy with how I rode in the races. It confirmed that I really did need to step back from there and work on my riding, instead of spending so much time teaching.  Also that I really needed time away from that track, it just doesn’t hold my interest anymore.

I did some instructing at Sandia for some track riders and a couple of racers. I really enjoyed doing that, and I’ll try to do more of it for the 2018 season.

In July 2017 I went with W38M to scout the UT BDR (Uath Backcountry Discovery Route). BDRs are really nice dual sport routes designed for larger dual sport bikes. It is about camping and riding a great deal of dirt, the routes are set up to be around 7 days long. We were riding from north to south on the UT one down to Green River. It was a challenge for me, as well as a learning experience, I would have NEVER done a lot of the on the Tiger without the support that I had with the group. I’m hoping to get to go along on the Baja rides they are going to do in 2018. There were some really tricky moments for me, but I didn’t fall or drop the bike a single time!!!

After we made it to Green River it was a ride on the road back up to SLC so we could run the Booth during the BMW MOA Rally. I’ve never gone to one, so I really wanted to work the booth each day, and see what it was about. There were some great vendors there, I also managed to pick up a sponsor for the racing!!

In between all this I was doing some more instructing at the track, a few days of instructing for dirt riding, and I was coaching MSF classes. It wasn’t like I wasn’t getting any riding in this year. Lol.

I needed the track time, to get ready for the MRA 4 hr Endurance race weekend. Jaime and I head up for that one. We tried hard to get some others to go with us, but alas everyone else bailed out. Had a great time, I was dropping time with each session. I managed to get down to my personal best time by the last day and finished 4th in the LOR race. I was really pleased with the weekend.

Next up was more dual sport riding up in Meeker, CO for the TrailTaker Rally. I took the Husky up for this one, good thing too. I came back with some nasty bruises from falling down a few rock faces. I went up alone with my Toy Hauler. Met some really great people from CO, ID and UT. Had really nice rides for 4 days.

September was a pretty quiet month, there was just work and an overnight camping trip with the local Triumph Tiger Troop. I finally got to see some of the sights in the eastern side of the state. Had a great time getting to know that group better.
After that weekend I spent the next two weekends getting my MSF certification updated so I could teach the new BRCu curriculum. I really like the way it laid out and that we are going to be using the ecourse. I think the range exercises are better too!

So that brings me up to date and to October! I was really luck to start the month off helping Jim and David get ready to run the Baja Rally.

I rode down to Baja with Jim. I got to drive his earthroamer around Baja from campsite to campsite. Talk about scary…. That thing is huge! Then add on an 8×14 trailer, Mexico roads and drivers. Yiikkes! It was the first time I’ve gotten to go to Mexico. It was an experience. The roads are narrow, don’t have any shoulders. There was also the border crossing at Tijuana, holy cow what a zoo! It took hours. The flight back was long, but without drama. I liked that latter part. I wasn’t detained at the border so that a good thing.

Next up are some MSF classes, a couple of W38M Classes, an ASMA race, Thanksgiving, and a Hogs on the High Seas Cruise. My first cruise ever. It’s all Lori’s fault, it’s what she wanted to do for turning 50 this year. I’m looking forward to doing some scuba diving!

Desert Daze

I had wanted to check this ride out last year, but I was back to riding much at that time.  Since I had just gotten cleared by the Doctors to get back on the bike only a week before.

So I made it a point to go this year.  I took the Husky and the Tiger with me, since I knew I wouldn’t be riding alone and that meant help picking the Tiger up if I was to fall over with it.  I took off and headed over to the Triangle T on Thursday, I had a spot for the Toy hauler reserved. I got there early to unload and set up.  I met a few of the others as they rolled it.  Of course, they are easy to spot, they all have bikes.  😀  Met a guy who rode in from Washington, who was really from Canada, long way to go, he was pretty entertaining.  As were a couple from TX.    It was a small rally so it didn’t take long for every one to show up that night.IMG_20160325_150717437

The “disorganizer” Raven was a hoot.  She was very hands off and the rides where really just suggestions on a map on the wall of the saloon.  I found a couple of guys to ride to Tombstone with the next day.  It’s funny how most guys just assume that you can’t really ride.  It was also funny who I wasn’t the one who drop my bike that day.  😀


The next day was just wondering around trying to find a route, it was the most fun day of the three, but least productive for finding a route.  Each night was a campfire, with entering characters, and stories about the rides for the days.  I would go back again next year.  Only this time I would make sure to have a GPS that could do GPX tracks so I did not do so much back tracking. There is a lot of great stuff to see, there and it made me really want to do the AZBDR even more.

IMG_20160325_103323198 IMG_20160325_150734981

Well, Drat!!!!

I may have messed up all my plans for March and April, as well as my overnight test runs.  I went out on the dirt bike to get a lil two wheel therapy, and broke my right thumb.  Since it’s in three pieces, that are somewhat displaced from where they should be.  I’m guessing that the Doc is going to recommend pinning it.  CRAP!!!!

Still it won’t interfere with the Alaska trip so that is only good thing about this.  I’m working on the prep and planning still.

Rubber Chicken Ride

Location:  T or C

Occasion:  why not?  Really, it was to support NMOHVA

Purpose:  Riding!!!

This was the first time I’ve gotten to attend one of NMOHA events.  I was supposed to attend last year, but it was right after my cervical fusion, so riding was out of the question.  There was Sipapu this year, but ended up having to work.  Since this time around I was fit and not working, I was going!!!  I was looking forward to doing some more riding on the Husky, since I hadn’t really been out on it since the end of July.

Lots of bikes.

Lots of bikes.

I had no idea until I arrived what the history around TorC was, I have to say I love the hot spring fed tubs in the rooms.

Now that's a tub!

Now that’s a tub!

I had given Brian over at Speedin Motorsports the Husky to lower the suspension on it.  Carrying around a step ladder to get on and off the bike wasn’t convenient.   He was able to get the forks shortened up but was shipped the wrong parts for the shock, so it still had the lowering link on it.  I can’t wait to get that off there and see just how much better the bike handles.     I met Brian in Cuba to pick up the bike, he and I had breakfast.  It was nice getting to chat with him, at the track he’s too busy to chat.  Once we move the bike from his truck to mine it was off to TorC.

The first night was just getting settled into the room, sitting around on the patio telling stories.  This group is really great at stories.


Our first day of riding we did Palomas Gap, or at least I think we did…  We ended up back tracking so many times; I’m not sure where we were.   There was a section of the trail that had been completely washed out.  We spend a fair amount of time trying to find a way across the cut, but it was just too steep of a drop on both sides and too narrow to cross but wide enough that we weren’t going to just cross it.  So we back track some more to a road that took us out to the main road, after a side trip up to the top where the radio towers were.   We stopped at a gate, once most of us got though it GS noticed mikrow had a flat front tire.  So while we waited for the capt and selaznog,  Mik tried putting some air into the tire, it wasn’t holding so it was time for a trailside repair.  GS decided to go back to look for the other two, since they hadn’t shown up yet.  Never a good sign, bout the time Mik was half way done with his tire, the three showed up.  Selaznog had hit one of the banks wrong and hurt his shoulder, he and the capt kept heading back to the hotel so they could take him to the ER.

IMG_20151023_140456115_TOP IMG_20151023_140435839

Amazing views!!

Then back to the motel just in time for more stories, beer, and snacks before heading to dinner.  Turns out that selaznog had just sprain/separated his should a bit and was planning on riding the next day.  Hard core.

We timed dinner just right too.  Or at least I did.. J  I called the restaurant for a reservation; I figured with 10 of us we would need one.  We ended dinner with 16 at the table; the local ADVRider group is friendly and very social. Good thing we had all showered and cleaned up.  It was pretty cozy at the table.  The Latitude 33 restaurant was very great about us shuffling around all their tables and chairs.  The place was on the small side, but it was great food.

The second/last day we did Chloride Creek, I love water crossing since this was basically riding up a creek bed, there were loads of them.  It was really rocky and rough, but it was a great deal of fun.  There was one really tricky section, but it really wasn’t that bad.  Of course, the sections were they expected me to have issues I breezed through, but the ones they didn’t give second thought to are the ones I had issues with… typical.  I only had one tip over, as usual, it was a dozy.  I really need to get some tech spec for that bike.  I slipped going up a hill lost my balance for a second and rolled on the throttle a bit.  This caused the bike to stand straight up, I then tipped to one side, and the bike stayed up right but turned to the left.  This meant I was aim to go over the edge of the trail.  It was a nice lil 10 foot long down slope to some trees and a nice high drop off.  I saw the trees and the ledge, and decided it was much better to lock the front wheel and crash then to go down the slope, hit the tree, and possibly off the cliff.

IMG_20151024_121839171 (2)

It was one of those falls that really hurt, even through the hard armor I was wearing.  DownHill was right behind me for the whole thing.  He said, when he saw me going toward the drop off,  he kept thinking … crash, crash… opps, well it was nice knowing her.  LOL.  It took a few minutes to get the bike back on the trail.  Then we had to straighten out my hand guards it was bent up at a strange angle.  Once that was done, I set off a head of the DH, Capt and selaznog .  I knew they’d catch up just fine, as I was going to be back to riding rather slow for a bit.   It took about another 15 min for us to catch up to GS and Mikrow.  Who instead of coming back to help, stopped and ate their lunch…

After that I’d like to say there wasn’t anything else, but that wasn’t the case.  Next time I’ve got to make sure I get the bike back with enough time to go over it.  We were heading up to a forest service lookout, my bike just died.  The Capt tried to kick start it, but no luck so we took the seat off to get at the battery to find out that the negative connection had come undone Capt to the rescue with a zip tie.  From here out there wasn’t an ything exciting except the great scenery.

Ouray and Gunnison for a few days Part III

We took that 3rd day off to drive over to Gunnison and do some maintenance on the bikes.   When we hit town for lunch I noticed a Husky dealer, so we stopped by there to see if they might have a shifter for mine.  (What follows is the reason I sometimes hate motorcycle shops.)   I waited in line behind a guy who was asking how to adjust a chain, and than asked if he could just bring the bike to them, have them show him.   I asked the guy about a shift lever, he turned to the other counter and asked Bart if it was one of the Italian huskys.  Bart said he had no idea it’s her bike.   I told him yes it was.  He never looked me again and told Bart that he didn’t carry parts for that bike.  It was just so rude.  Bart then asked the guy if we brought him the lever if he’d drill it and put a bolt in it so I wouldn’t have to work so hard to shift.  He response was that he had a drill and a bolt.  Not sure if that was a yes or not.

After that we went back to camp and I pulled the lever off the bike, we figured we would go to the KTM shop and see we could find one that might match.  This time Bart just took the lever from me and dealt with them.  Since they again, didn’t want to talk with me about it, these guys weren’t nearly as bad as that other guy, they were nice.  I just got the impression they weren’t as comfortable with me as they were with Bart.   I just don’t get it, they’ll spend 30 minutes talking with a dude about how to adjust a chain, but won’t answer questions about part from a girl.  I can adjust a chain, remove a wheel, a change a tire, change my own oil and do a bunch of other things, but no I don’t warrant  5 minutes of their time…..  Idiots.  This is why I like dealerships that know me.  I’m not treated like I don’t know anything.  It was the same thing when I was in Alaska a week earlier and I decided to swing by their newest shop.  I might as well been invisible, even when I tried to get their attention to ask if they had more gloves in the back.      Anyway, that other shop in Gunnison at least tried to find a lever for it, and sent us to the shop to have them drill the hole for us.  The kid who did it went way over board and didn’t want to charge us anything.  That store I’ll give more business!!!

The next day of ridding was actually really fun.  Good thing too, I am not sure if I’d had another rough day what I would have done…. Very likely I’d have gone home and sold all of my bikes. 😛  We rode up to Taylor lake reservoir it was just stunning.  We rode up to the top of Cottonwood pass, then headed over to Tin cup pass.  In all it was a great day for riding, not too hot.  After Tin Cup we took an off shoot up a road leading to the Alpine Tunnel, It was a nice and scenic ride up and down.  Perfect after our last ride, since I managed to not fall down, but had two close calls due to trying to catch air over some whoops.  I didn’t see the deep water filled ditch on the other side until it was too late.   At least I kept it up.  🙂



The rest of the ride was filled with great scenery and was really nice and peaceful until Bart decided to break the one rule that it unforgivable.  Waiting at the next turn off for the last person.  He didn’t wait for either Kelly or me, so we ended up back at camp hours before him.  We were worried that something had happened to him, so we waited on the side of the road for awhile trying to reach him.  Not cool.  He had some BS excuse, I wasn’t buying it, about thinking we were right behind him.

This was the end of my riding for next couple of days.  I booked it over to Denver the next day to drop off my race suit with Nate Butler to see if he could salvage the cluster that Pilot had made of a custom suit.  (the rant can be found under the gear reviews)  Then it was home to prep for a track day and racing over the wknd.

Not a bad way to spend a vacation.