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I picked up a set to replace my second set of Heroics,  that I wore out in the palm again, of all places.  I also wore a hole in the right thumb.  I really like them so far.  I miss the curved fingers of the other, but they are comfortable and have good armor on them.  I’m hoping not to crash test them anytime soon.

Herioc SP-R Pro Gloves:

I have to say that I’m loving these gloves. I’m on my second set.  They were comfortable the first time I wore them and there was no getting used to them.  Just like the leathers, they just work and you don’t notice them.  I can’t think of any better compliment for riding gear, then I don’t notice that I’m wearing it.

Alpinestars GP Plus Gloves – back up set

I used these gloves this year, when I found a hole in the fingers of my other ones.  I had held onto these as a back up pair.  So far I’m really liking them and I have a better feel for the controls with these then I did with the other pair.  However, they don’t feel like they have same level of protection.    I haven’t crash tested these yet, and I’m hoping I don’t any time soon.

Alpinestar GP Pro Tech 2008-2010

I’ve been using this glove since Jan 2008, I can’t really say enough good things about them.  They  have offer great protection and held up great for my 3 wrecks in 2008.  With barely, a few scraps on the wrist and palm area. As a back up I also have the glove that is considered one step down from this one, I don’t use them very often, but have a few times when I let someone else try these gloves to see how they felt. They have the same great fit and loads of protection, they just feel lighter.

Leather Suit:


I picked up an off the shelf suit so I wouldn’t have to use that pilot suit.  This one fits pretty well.  There are some things I want to change, on it since it’s not custom, but I can live with it as it is.  I haven’t gotten to ride with it yet.


I’ve decided to go them based on their contingency and recommendations from another racer.  I’m now really sorry that I did. The suit is miles too big, not something that I expected with a custom suit order.  Their customer service is horrible, it takes days for them to respond and then they only did so after I called them.  So after waiting 3 months, I have a suit I can’t use.  They agree it doesn’t fit, but they want another $600 and the suit back before they will make another suit for me.

It’s also noteworthy that they NEVER sent me the contingency I won either two years in a row.  Nor did I get the sponsored racer discounts and upgrades that were promised.  In case it hasn’t become clear.  I will never do business with them, I’m not going to give them any money for another suit, and I’m never going to recommend them to anyone.  Their lack of customer service and handling of this is about criminal.

Heroic Leathers: 2011 – 2015

I broke down and ordered a custom suit after the last time I hit the ground and the padding shifted so I ended up getting hurt, again.  I looked at a lot of custom suits that others were wearing and I like the look of the Heroic suit.

I‘ve had the suit for a while now, I love the fit.   It feels great while I’m on the bike.  I don’t notice anything about it while I’m riding and that is just what you need.  The suit feels light and it is cooler then other one I used to wear.  It’s great to have one that fits so you don’t have to constantly adjust things on it.

 Dainese Laguna Seca 2008-2011

I’ve been using this suit since, August 2008.  I bought it in Dec 07, but it took that long to get one that the fit was close on.  It’s VERY hard to mail order, with suits if you are not a standard build.  As a women, I had a hard time finding one that would fit over the hips, thighs and chest but not be too loose every where else.  Most of the suits that are made for women don’t offer the protection of the men’s suits.  I just don’t get that, and find it very frustrating.

This one was close but I still spent 4 more months going back and forth with a women who was making the mods to the suit, so it would really fit me.    I’ve only crash tested this one one time and it was off the track into dirt, still not a soft landing, but I didn’t slide on pavement.  The there wasn’t any damage to the suit that could be found.

In Feb 2010 I did test out the durability of the leathers, in a low side.  I slide on both elbows and my left hip across the track.  The suit held up very well, the left elbow took the worst of it and I did manage to get some rash through the leather.  I’m not sure that it would hold up to another slide in the same spot without going through, but the seams held up and it’s still intact.


Suomy Spec R1 Extreme Flowers Blue/Silver — 2011 to

My new helmet to go with the new leathers.  I wanted to stick with the same design, cuz I just love these helmets.  As you can tell from my bikes, they always have these types of flowers on them.  They had come out with a blue and black one this year, but when I went to order it they had sold them all and the design was being discontinued.  I’m bummed about that and I’m going to have to find more of them and buy them so I’ll have a stock pile of them.

 Suomy Spec R1 Extreme Flowers Red/White  2008- 2011

Suomy Helmets have some of the absolute best graphics out there.  I mean really just look at this thing,  if ya look really close, you can see a resemblance to the paint job on my R6.  Thanks to the three wrecks, I’m on my third helmet.  Each time this helmet has done it’s job splendidly.  Which is why I keep buying the same one over and over.

In the Feb low side, I did do some damage to the helmet, but I didn’t even realize that I had bumped my head.  I only figured it out due to the damage on the left side of the visor.  Great helmet, since I didn’t feel a thing.


Sidi Vortice Air — 2011 to

I liked the regular ones so much that I bought a pair of the Air ones.  They are much cooler then the others.  I’m not too sure about the one set of fasteners in the middle of the boot.  I often hit them against my heel guard and it comes undone.  But since I’ve bent the guard back a bit that doesn’t happen anymore.  So I’m liking them even more now,  I don’t have as hard a time getting into them as I did in the beginning, once you get the hang of it they are easy to deal with and I don’t worry about missing my races anymore.  🙂

Sidi Vortice 2010

I’ve now used these boots for a year and they have delivered.  The Sidi Vortice, these boots have a more support and a replaceable sole.    I have to say they offer great protection.  Yes, I’ve already crash tested them.  They held up well to my two low sides.  The only down side I’ve found to them is that if you don’t already have them on by first call, you ain’t going to make it to your race.  They take forever to get into, but it gets better over time.  I can now say that I can get them on quickly, so I don’t worry about missing races anymore.  🙂

Sidi Vertigo Air 2008-2010

I used these boots from Jan 2008 until Jan 2010.  They were also with me for my three crashes in 08.  They offered fantastic protection, they are comfortable and the best part is that if you actually have muscular calves they will adjust to fit.    The only drawback to this model is that you can’t easily replace the soles, which I’ve had to have done twice now.  My foot pegs tore a hole in the soles on both boots, the left once and the right side twice.

Back Protector:

Impact Armour

I am looking forward to riding with my new armor, the more years I spend doing this sport the more I learn the importance of having really great protective gear that fits you.  To much of my gear when I started fit okay, but not great.  It’s that okay fit that has actually hurt me a few times now.  So I’m getting pickier and picker about having gear that is actually made to fit me.

ForceField L2 Womens – 2011 to present

It’s definitely thicker feeling at the start then my A* one but I don’t notice it once I’m on the bike.  It molds to you and once you are in your gear you it’s perfectly comfortable and I for get that it’s on.  I haven’t crash tested it yet and I’m hope that I don’t anytime soon.

Alpinestar Race Tech — 2008 to 2011

I’ve been using this model since I first started on the track in July 07.  The main reason that I chose this model was that it was the only one that I found that wasn’t too long.  Again, being a shorter women, it is hard to find the right fit.  It has served me well and I’ve never really had to test it out.  It’s comfortable and easy to fit under my suit, I don’t struggle with keeping it in place like some of the others that I’ve seen.   I would like to find a chest protector that I can use with it.  So far I haven’t had much luck with finding one that fits me.

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