I moved to northern New Mexico from Alaska in September 1993.  I rode a motorcycle for the very first time in Sept 2005.  (How did I get started?)  When I took the MSF BRC, at the end of the first day I went out and bought a brand new bike.  I rode the wheels off that bike, and did my first track day in May 06.  I was hooked but it wouldn’t be until 07 until I could manage to get back out there.   2009 ended up being my first full season.  I love racing and just can’t get in enough seat time.  In addition to the track, I still ride about 12,000 miles a year on the street.

I have always enjoyed mentoring others and spreading the passion.  It was an easy decision to join the MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation) as a coach, for the state of New Mexico in 2007.   I try to  coach at least 12 classes per year and give every one of my students a hand out of my favorite sites,  references Motorcycle Gear, Organizations, Clubs,  Websites,  Books to read, Places to go for further education, and Equipment that I have experience with.

In addition to the MSF, I also work with the SMRI as a track day instructor I had the privilege to work as their New Rider Director for a few years.  I’m in charge of the  Sunset Safety Clinics club helps to provide.  Every track day I work with large groups of riders.  Generally, the SMRI hosts six to seven track days each season.  In 2009, the track school was filmed by the US Air Force to encourage personnel to take their “need for speed” to the track.

I’ve assisted Nick Inetasch with his Sunset Clinic in CO, which became the YCRS one day schools.  In 2014 I became a YCRS certified instructor, I’ve worked a great deal with all of their instructors, participated in the schools as a student and instructor.   At least two full days each month I do private instruction at the track and some times in the dirt working with riders, (I’m far from an expert in the dirt, but I can help people get more comfortable) helping them with cornering techniques and body positioning.  It’s great to watch someone go from being stiff and worried.  To relaxed and having such a fantastic time that they can’t stop grinning.

I just can’t seem to stay away from instructing.   In 2017 I started to work as an instructor for West 38 Moto, they are an off road school with a focus on riding the large adventure bikes.

It can be very satisfying to influence new riders and see those riders months later, still riding.  I still love to hear stories of how the help I gave them has positively affected a rider when I get to see them again.


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