Dirt bike Teardown


The Husky has been getting a great deal of use riding single track over the past two years.   It’s been an awesome bike for me to learn how to ride dirt on.

Now, thanks to JP I’m having to learn how to tear it down and do the work on it.  I’ll say it’s been an education too.  There were a few things that I already knew how to take care of thanks to having to learn about care/feeding of the race bike.  The Husky is a different, yet similar beast.  For whatever reason I was resistant to working on it like I do the race bike.  I wasn’t the least bit worried about pulling the forks off the 675, but I felt ill doing to the dirt bike.

I mean look at it!  It’s sad looking…


Taking it out after it was all put back together was an eye opener… It handled so much better!  Just don’t tell JP.  I’ll never hear the end of it.