Good bye 2017

I can’t imagine a better way to end the year than going out for a ride.

I ended 2017 with a dual sport ride up to and around Penasco.  We started the morning by meeting up at the Tesuque Village Market.  It was a last minute ride with a few of the riders from the Tiger Troop and others from Abq.  It was a tad chilly in for the first half of the ride.  I was very happy that the Tiger has a heated seat and grips, as my electric vest wasn’t quite enough to keep me from getting chilled.


From there it was a nice lil ride up to Dixon, then onto some nice forest roads to Ojo Sarco, which took us to the section of the high road to Taos.


We stopped at Sugar Nymphs for brunch.  They have really good food, and the desserts are awesome.

After we’d eaten our fill, it was off to see if we could find some snow.

We did, along with a really nice water crossing.

I just wasn’t feeling this…I figured it was a little too risky to try and cross it and I wasn’t feeling like I wanted to risk getting wet and getting hypothermia.

So back we went to the high road, where we turned off to take the scenic route through Cundiyo.  Back down to Santa Fe, from there I decided to take a run through Waldo Canyon, which treated me to some great sunset pictures.