Welcome 2018!

So what’s the best way to kick off the new year?   More riding, of course!   This time it was single track on the dirt bike.   Which is a great workout, you’ve got cardio (from working too hard to stay up right) and you get weight lifting (from picking up the bike each time you fall over).

It had been months since I rode the dirt bike down in Abq, so when Scot asked if anyone wanted to go, I was all over it.

Once everyone was there and geared up we headed out.  I had forgotten how sandy and loose the ground could be out that way.  I still haven’t figured out how to ride that well.  I am not sure that I ever will get comfortable in sand.  But, it’s way easier to ride on the little bike than, it is on the Tiger.

In all we covered around 45 miles.  I have started to use a new app for tracking my dirt rides, in addition to the InReach I have been using it’s call Ecrumb from RoadID.   It’s a great tool to help keep you safe when out riding.  I have been doing some riding on my own lately and it give me a bit more piece of mind.